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Our Commitment to
Socially and Environmentally Responsible Trade

McKean’s Flowers Ltd. is committed to improving and assuring fair living standards for flower farm workers all over the world and supporting responsible growing practices that protect the environment. These fair trade practices insure that all the beautiful flowers you see in our fridge are purchased from farms that meet specific guidelines. We feel that offering our customers an ethical choice is our responsibility. We want our customers to feel good about their purchases. We guarantee that the quality of our product will remain second to none as it has for over 60 years!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What are fair flowers?
A – Fair flowers refers to social and environmental responsibility. Socially it means workers are paid a fair living wage which gives them the opportunity to cover basic needs for their family. Also, international health and safety laws are enforced. Environmentally it ensures that efforts are being made to conserve natural resources. Fair flowers offer consumers an ethical, more aware choice in the world market and walks hand in hand with the Fair Trade initiative.

Q - Are your flowers more expensive now because they are meeting such high standards?
A – No, at McKean’s we work very hard in coordination with our wholesalers to seek out the best product in a cost effective way.

Q – Does this mean less selection of flowers? What about the quality?
A – No. We source our flowers from Canada, Ecuador, Colombia and Europe. McKean’s ensures the same great selection you’ve come to expect. We feel that the quality of our product continually improves, so now you can feel even better about your floral purchases!

Q – What does fair living and working standards mean for these workers?
A – In a nutshell this means that the workers are provided with things that we often take for granted like.
  • A safe working environment that meets international labor standards.
  • A wage that enables a fair standard of living for workers and their families.
  • The prohibition of child labor.
  • Support with training and education of employees.
And more.

Q – What are considered responsible growing practices?
A – This refers to environmentally sensitive production, which includes reduction of pesticides, recycling, composting and the responsible elimination of waste. These practices ensure that soil is preserved and re-used and that the water supply is kept clean for use by surrounding communities.

Q – Does it really make a difference?
A – By purchasing flowers exclusively from fair farms, this forces farms with less than ethical values to re-assess their practices in order to stay in business. We feel that everyone can play part in making this world a better place to live. It is a pro-active approach that we are proud to offer and sincerely hope our customers embrace this initiative.

Q – How do I know which flowers are fair flowers?
A – We only buy flowers from farms that are certified as fair trade, belong to a reputable fair trade organization or meet specific criteria set forth by McKean’s.

Q – Where can I get more information?

Please feel free to call with your questions or comments.
We’d love to hear what you think!